Key Facts

Key Facts

Based on preliminary results from environmental and technical studies that we have undertaken, the offshore element of the wind farm could include:

  • Between 45 and 61 turbines
  • Individual turbine capacities of between 8 megawatts (MW) and 15 MW
  • Total project capacity between 600 MW and 900 MW
  • Individual turbine tip heights of between approximately 240 metres and 310 metres

Since Dublin Array was first proposed in 1999, there have been significant technological changes in the offshore wind industry. This means we can deliver more electricity, more efficiently, with fewer turbines.  Previously Dublin Array was considering up to 145 turbines, with a tip height of 160 metres, but this number has now reduced significantly. While the turbines will be bigger, there will be fewer of them, potentially reducing the project footprint.

The final decision on the project envelope, i.e. the size and number of turbines, has not yet been made. There are a number of ongoing survey activities which will continue up to, during, and post construction, which will inform this decision. We are seeking to balance the technical, commercial, and environmental considerations to deliver the best project we possibly can. The feedback we receive from our consultation activities throughout the project planning will help to shape the project.

Dublin Array offshore wind farm