Hornsea Project One to be world’s largest offshore wind farm

DONG Energy is to build the world’s largest offshore wind farm off the east coast of England. The Hornsea Project One, at 1.2 GW (1,200 Megawatts), will be capable of powering well over 1 million British homes. Currently, Ireland has immediate access to at least double this capacity (approx. 3 GW) in four wind energy projects off the Irish east coast – see image. 

Irish Sea wind projects for NOW

These projects have completed their consent applications and are currently waiting for a change in Irish Government policy before going ahead. Irish Government energy policy will have to change because under current policies Ireland has failed to reach its 2020 EU targets at 16% of energy demand from renewable sources. Ireland has plenty of renewable energy resources and worst-in-class positions in energy import dependency and in greenhouse gas emissions. It is therefore unlikely to be able to argue for a lesser target for 2030 (27%) than its fellow EU member states. Increasing economic growth, data centre demand and an anticipated increase in methane emissions from the Irish dairy herd mean that the situation will become more challenging with time. A radical energy policy shift is inevitable.

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