Energy Union Factsheet for Ireland released

A National factsheet on the State of the Energy Union has been published by the EU Commission for each member state. The factsheet for Ireland has the following interesting observations:

  • According to EurObserv’ER, in 2013, the share of direct and indirect renewable energy related employment in total employment of the economy in Ireland was at about 0.25%, below the EU average of 0.53%.
  • According to its 2015 projections, Ireland is not on track to reach its 2020 [greenhouse gas emission reduction] target, with a 10% gap as compared to 2005.
  • With a share of 8% of renewable energy in 2013, Ireland is close to its 2013/14 interim targets as set out in the Renewable Energy Directive. However, the existing policy, market and budget framework appears to be insufficient to enable the step-wise achievement of the 2020 objective (16%).
  • In Ireland the Agriculture sector is the largest in terms of share of total [greenhouse gas] emissions, with a value that is nearly three times the EU average. As a result, Irish emissions per capita are among the highest in the EU.

While the factsheet understandably does not point it out, these problems can all be solved by a fuller utilisation of the Irish renewable energy resource. In particular, Ireland can very quickly deploy at least 3,000 MW of offshore wind for export to its EU neighbours.

The full factsheet can be read here >>