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Join our journey to delivering offshore wind by 2030. Find out how we’re driving change in offshore wind energy — and how you can be a part of it, too.

As a leading company in renewable energies, RWE Renewables Ireland Limited has established itself as a key player in the Irish energy market with an expanding portfolio of projects. Our ambitious RWE Offshore employees are all connected by one thing: their energy and how they’re using it to make a difference.

How to deliver Ireland’s offshore wind ambitions
Ireland has set very ambitious targets for the delivery of offshore wind by 2030 (5GW) and 2050 (at least 37GW) — all to support the country achieving net zero by 2050. This is especially challenging given that we have only one 25MW project currently in operation here. However, we have recently seen the establishment of the Phase 1 programme and, in 2023, we saw the granting of Contracts for Differences (CfDs) to four projects, including Dublin Array. The Government also intends to run its second CfD auction in late 2024 or early 2025 for a project on the south coast.

The development of this pipeline presents an exciting opportunity for the Irish economy. With 25 years of successful onshore wind projects, we’ve built strong expertise in professional services, construction and operations. However, the scale and projected growth of offshore presents an opportunity of a different magnitude — not only in terms of those existing services but also in respect of regional development, infrastructure, education, training, innovation and R&D.

To realise our ambitions, we must find ways to export our surplus energy. This brings further opportunities in terms of new industries to use that energy domestically and in global markets. This necessitates placing offshore wind front and centre in Ireland’s economic future growth and prosperity with opportunities throughout the business and our communities.

Dublin Array: an offshore wind farm powerhouse
Dublin Array is a proposed offshore wind farm, which will be located about 10km from the coast of counties Dublin and Wicklow. Once operational, the project will deliver up to 824MW of clean, renewable electricity and will consist of up to 50 wind turbines, which is enough energy to supply around 77,000 homes.

The Dublin Array project will also bring significant economic benefits during its construction and operation, with over 1,000 construction phase jobs and 80 direct and 160 indirect full-time jobs expected during the 30-year operational phase. Dublin Array’s operations base is expected to be located within Dún Laoghaire, resulting in an estimated €540 million in local expenditure across the Greater Dublin Area.

The project was awarded its Maritime Area Consent (MAC) in December 2022, allowing the development to apply for planning permission, which is planned for later this year. Subject to planning permission, the project could be operational by the end of the decade.

Diverse career opportunities in Ireland’s offshore wind industry
Navigating a new industry poses challenges in decision-making about one’s career potential. However, it’s important to recognise that most jobs will not be in engineering or even involve working offshore.

The industry will need people in non-technical roles such as finance, procurement, stakeholder management, HR, as well as trades (welders, cable jointers, vessel crew). A lot of the early work is in onshore construction, followed by an intensive period of installation of the turbines offshore and then quietening down in the long period of operations (and maintenance).

Despite the novelty of offshore wind in Ireland, leveraging existing industries can help develop transferable skills in areas including project management, health and safety, environment and engineering (particularly electrical engineering). To grow at the pace planned, the industry will need people who bring different approaches and perspectives to ensure diversity of thought.

No matter where you’re from or what your academic background is — there’s a place for you here.